The issue of suitable insurance is a complicated topic.

Many contractors claiming to be fully insured may appear to have the correct insurance to undertake works for you but in many cases clauses and exclusions within their policies do not cover key elements such as:

  • working at heights (this refers to working above 6 feet)
  • working with heat (this refers to any heat creating appliance)
  • asbestos (this refers to any asbestos containing material and not restricted to the commonly recognised licensed products

The risks to you associated with an under-insured contractor are significant.

Should a contractor engaged by you have such clauses and exclusions in place you may be liable.

Even with suitable insurance in place you need to ensure that a risk assessment is created by your contractor as all working at height activities are considered as a significant risk.

“Heat creating appliances” does not mean just blow torches and heat guns! You should also consider heaters, dryers, grinders and even some paint removal and drilling tools.

Asbestos containing materials are far more common that you might imagine. Even decorative floor and ceiling finishes can contain harmful levels of asbestos and need to be managed and removed in the correct manner.

Before you undertake works on your property you are required “by Law” to have an asbestos survey undertaken.

If this is not undertaken both you and your contractor are at risk of prosecution along with the ongoing health risk  to you and your family associated with exposure to asbestos.

Why Tower Construction Ltd can protect you

It would be virtually impossible for someone without relevant experience to manage these risks and to ensure that the correct insurance cover was in place.

Not only are the staff at Tower Construction Ltd fully trained and up to date with current Health and Safety best practice but the Directors have ensured that the company holds the best and most applicable insurance cover to protect you as clients.

We have read the small print!

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    COVID-19 Update: Our offices are now back open between the hours of 8.30am – 5pm

    COVID-19 Update: Our offices are now back open between the hours of 8.30am – 5pm